27 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats for Small Businesses (2024)

Small businesses are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, challenging the misconception that hackers only focus on large enterprises. In reality, 43% of recent cyber attacks are directly targeted towards small to mid-sized businesses ...

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What Is A Business VPN? Advantages and Why Your Business Needs One

Updated June 1, 2022 With cyber attacks becoming more frequent for small businesses, along with new privacy scandals from social media and and hacker states, data privacy has never been more important for any company. One of the best ways ...

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4 Ways GAM Tech Keeps Your Remote Data Secure

Thanks to ever-changing advances in mobile technology and networking, telecommuting has become common practice among small to mid-sized businesses across Canada. While workplace flexibility has increased, remote work is also leaving ...

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BYOD: Is Your Business Ready to "Bring Your Own Devices”?

According to CISCO, companies promoting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace can save $350 per employee, per year. With savings amounting to thousands of dollars per annum for small to mid-sized businesses, it’s no wonder why many ...

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Recent Data Breaches You Should Know About - December 2019

Each year, hundreds of Canadian businesses and institutions suffer at the hands of cybercriminals. Here are just a few of Canada’s most significant cyberattacks for the month of December. Canadian Cyber Security Breaches Malware Attack ...

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